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Parallel Lines
One of the few bands which have obtained mayor success without losing their artistic integrity. In addition, their singer became a role model for all girl fronted bands following in their wake.
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Vampire Weekend
Vampire Weekend
A strange try at Indie world music? Maybe. The rebirth of the US music scene? Perhaps. A band trying to use their intelligence and musicianship wisely? Definitely.
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Pet Shop Boys
1993   Review
This album sounded rather anachronistic back then but now we know it is perfectly timeless. When they stopped releasing great singles in the mid 90s a vital part of pop music died.
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Red House Painters
Down Colourful Hill
1992   Review
Recommencing where L. Cohen left off two decades ago, these songs sound rather bare and simple at start but take your grip in the end. Desolate and sad, of course, but never hopeless.
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Drawn From Memory
It's unlikely this album will ever appear in any other best albums list. But don't let that put you off, otherwise you will miss some very well-crafted songs like the moving "Liar's Tears".
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The Jesus And Mary Chain
Although it doesn't feature proper drums and bass it still was a classic rock'n'Roll album and concluded a hat trick for the Scottish brothers. Strangely the best song "Drop" was only available on the CD version.
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Manic Street Preachers
The Holy Bible
1994   Review
One of the most analysed, dissected, examined and reviewed albums ever. A monument, a provocation, an enigma.
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Chelsea Girl
OK, this may be a watered-down version of the VU & Nico album but it's still better than most female singer/songwriters work. The most unique voice in music history struggles with songs provided by a varied mix of musicians including the VU crew of course.
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1995   Review
This was the best of the bunch of electronic albums that surfaced in the mid-90s. More varied than simultaneous releases by Underworld, Chemical Brothers etc. And as usual in that genre the guest vocalists provided the stand-out moments.
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A bit of a cheat this one as it's in fact a compilation of their first two EPs. But these eight songs could as well have acted as their debut proper. 90's indie music starts here.
I'm fully aware that some rather important genres like soul or hip-hop are not represented in this list at all. But as much as I admire the historical significance of "What's Going On" and "'It Takes A Nation Of Millions To Hold Us Back", they are not as close to my heart as the records in this list.