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Record Sleeve
One Dove
Morning Dove White
1993   Review
More or less a 2Screamadelica2 with female vocals. Dance music at its most diverse. A lost treasure if there ever was one.
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The White Stripes
As "Nevermind" in the 90s this album was the big unifying indie rock album of the decade. The success of "Seven Nation Army" in football stadiums around the world was a pleasant additional surprise.
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This Mortal Coil
The band responsible for some of the best cover versions of all time (and some of the worst as well). Adjectives like ethereal and translucent probably once were invented to be able to describe this music later.
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Anna Calvi
Anna Calvi
Where other contemporary female artists usually rely on state-of-the-art equipment this young English lady takes it back to basic with not much more than a guitar and a powerful voice. This decade is hers for the taking.
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Bloc Party
A Weekend In The City
Way better than their debut although hardly anyone got it at the time. Ditching all those post rock clichés and replacing them with a more personal approach was exactly the right move.
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Julee Cruise
Floating Into The Night
This features her contributions to the Twin Peaks and Blue Velvet soundtracks and a few other songs equal in quality. Some of the most genuinely beautiful music ever created.
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Neil Young & Crazy Horse
Rust Never Sleeps
He could have put together a real classic if he had collected those songs on one album that would later comprise the last third of his epic "Decade" compilation. So instead this inferior but still valuable set of songs must stand as his best work of the 70's.
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Dead Can Dance
Although this drew an arc from medieval to modern times and incorporated the visions of two very distinct songwriters it nonetheless added up to a fascinating coherent whole.
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Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Fever To Tell
The chaotic energy of the riot grrrl movement, the new wave legacy of their New York home and a bunch of short & sharp killer tunes make this one hell of a debut.
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Die Ärzte
Their first two albums were the closest German music got to punk rock. Maybe not in sound but in attitude. Shame about their pointless comeback in the 90s, that goes on to date.
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Crooked Rain Crooked Rain
1994   Review
Obviously bored by the whole lo-fi movement they spawned they came up with this confusing mix of grunge pop and country rock which surprisingly even contained some (ironic ?) guitar solos. Extra points for dissing the bloody Pumpkins.
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You And Me Both
The combination of a soulful voice and electronic background sounds was a novelty back then. Later in the 00s this kind of music was all over the place but none of its creators matched Yazoo's unique songwriting skills.
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Pet Shop Boys
The songs "It Could Have Happened Here" and "Kings Cross" proved that the Pet Shop Boys were not just a singles band. And "Rent" might be one of their most affecting songs. The best was yet to come so.
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Perfume Genius
It takes a while for the listener to get accustomed to the way this album is almost painfully underproduced and sloppily recorded. Until you realise that its extremely intense and personal atmosphere could not be achieved in any other way.
Record Sleeve
1993   Review
Only a band as strong as them can make a debut a double and can come up with an album which never fails to entertain over its 77 minutes. Of course entertainment in the Tindersticks' world is a bit more reflective and sombre than one might be used to.
Record Sleeve
Van Morrison
Astral Weeks
A strange record. Like a fairy tale come true, like a medieval song contest run out of control. No wonder he couldn't repeat this.
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Tago Mago
In post war Germany the music scene got a blank canvas to draw on. And Can were the first ones to use this opportunity to full effect. The second half of this album is a bit of an acquired taste but the first one is really amazing.
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Sigur Ros
A snow-covered landscape under a cloudy grey sky. Although the cold wind's blowing in your face you fell a warm glow inside.
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The Verve
Urban Hymns
1997   Review
After some promising early singles and two so-so albums the Verve seemed to be history. But they returned with this album which finally fulfilled all their promises.
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Automatic For The People
1992   Review
A rare case of a band where the most successful album is also the best. Bleak and uncompromising but rewarding and comforting at the same time.