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Boards Of Canada
Music Has The Right To Children
An album like a faded dream, like clouds that roll by on a sunny day, like memories of a past that never was. Nostalgia never felt so good, so intense, so colourful.
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Camper Van Beethoven
Our Beloved Revo- lutionary Sweetheart
Save for the Pixies American indie music of the 80s was rather melodically sparse and postpunkishly abstract. But if you look beyond the well-known bands you can find joyful and tuneful records like this.
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The Knife
Silent Shout
One of the few electronic albums of this decade that offered something really new. In this case the key point was how a dense, dark and mystic atmosphere was built from a rather simple set of sounds. And all that conceived by equally mysterious Scandinavian siblings.
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Depeche Mode
Music For The Masses
By finally shaking off their synthpop origins completely and by broadening their range of styles to incorporate classical and rock influences (guitars at last!) they laid the foundation for their subsequent massive world-wide career.
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The Specials
More Specials
A record that might be easily dismissed as easy listening party music. But if the party still aint over after two and a half decades there must be something more to it.
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London Grammar
If You Wait
One of the few modern pop acts which will still be favoured in decades to come. Hey, they even could afford to blur the face of their immaculately pretty singer on the album cover.
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Contrary to the other landmark guitar albums released in the same year ( Loveless, Nevermind ) this album remained more or less unnoticed for nearly a decade. Unbelievable.
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Forever Young
Despite being the birthplace of electronic pop music in the 70s, the synthpop wave a few years later left Germany more or less untouched. Until this band appeared in 1984. From Münster, of all places.
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Courtney Barnett
Sometimes I Sit And Think And Sometimes I Just Sit
Laconically narrated very witty tales of everyday life built on a grunge influenced guitar foundation. Extra points for that funny "money/origami/honey" rhyme scheme.
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Brutal electronic soundscapes meeting fragile vocals. This was light years away from the cocktail party background music Portishead made in the 90s. And "The Rip" is certainly a contender for song of the decade.
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The Boo Radleys
Giant Steps
1993   Review
When around 1993 the bands on the legendary Creation label simultaneously turned to the 60s for inspiration, it was The Boo Radleys who gained the most profit from it. Sadly their next album was a step too far.
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Belle & Sebastian
Fold Your Hands Child, You Walk Like A Peasant
Although by far not as good as their first three immaculate albums this still has its fair share of magic moments which their subsequent efforts sadly lacked. The decade had barely begun but the last truly legendary band was already leaving the building.
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The Byrds
Mr. Tambourine Man
Some may prefer their later more daring and inventive albums but this, their first one, has the best combination of well written songs and that trademark guitar sound.
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The Heart Throbs
Cleopatra Grip
A long forgotten female fronted band best known for their allusive album titles. So when they sang "I am not an angel" you could be sure they were not kidding.
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It's A Shame About Ray
1992   Review
From a European point of view this sounds like the quintessential American indie album. Sitting on a porch, watching the trucks pass by, strumming some songs on the acoustic guitar ...
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Violent Femmes
Violent Femmes
A string of short, hectic and jerky songs pave the way for the final relaxed and slow-paced "Good Feeling". Lo-fi indie in its purest sense, often copied, seldom bettered.
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Aphex Twin
Selected Ambient Works 85-92
1992   Review
One of the most mystical and enigmatic solo artist ever delivers a cornerstone of electronic music with a selection of tracks which sound dead simple and terribly complex at the same time.
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Chairs Missing
So there were probably a few art students too many in this band. This might be the reason why this album sounds so hopelessly contrived. But in spite of (or maybe rather because of) this it still fascinates to this day.
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The Human League
This marks the exact point in time when the torch was passed from Kraftwerk to this lot. And "Dreams Of Leaving" is without doubt the best electronic track ever.
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The Vines
Highly Evolved
One half energetic, grungy fast songs, the other half lazy, sun drenched slow ones. They lost it completely after this, but for one season they were unbeatable.