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Coming Up
If you take away all the Glamrock influences from this album it probably would sound like John Cage's "4' 33' ". Bowie and Bolan would surely like the fact that they are still that influential.
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The Doors
The Doors
Charismatic lead singer, Sophisticated lyrics. All well and good, but without that distinctive organ sound they wouldn't have got anywhere.
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Snail Mail
Probably not even aware that in the 90s quite a few women had made a similar type of music, this young reckless girl showed the boys how to handle a guitar creatively yet melodic. Nice voice too.
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Thin White Rope
The Ruby Sea
A raw voice, a great guitarist and some very fine songwriting. Allegedly this band broke up because they couldn't pay the rent with their earnings. How sad is this ?
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Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Show Your Bones
The only band in the 00s who could follow a great debut with an even better sequel. They replaced the weird and hectic bits with some melodic sing along parts which against all odds made perfect sense.
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The Streets
Original Pirate Material
Where other Hip hop albums impress at first with a huge production but get a bit boring later on, this one gets better and better. The flow or the words and rhymes is superb, the stories told really amusing.
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Belle & Sebastian
As this, their debut, wasn't released until after their third album, following their career was a bit like watching a film in reverse. So although this didn't offer anything new it was a welcome addition to their already fascinating body of work.
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Nick Drake
Pink Moon
The melancholic and introspective nature of this record is often seen as a prediction of things to come, when in fact it's largely due to the minimal arrangements. His premature death can be seen as the greatest loss of musical talent ever.
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King Night
One of the very few truly original records of the last few years. A mixture of doomed euphoria and uplifting despair, as paradox as this may sound. Is this the final nail in electronic music's coffin?
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Mazzy Star
She Hangs Brightly
A voice so fascinating, so full of wonder, mystery and longing that the accompanying music is absolutely incidental. But astonishingly it's on par in quality.
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Real Estate
Crystal clear guitar lines, hushed vocals and no synthetic sounds. There were a lot of bands in the 80s who sounded exactly like this, but few of them were as good as Real Estate in 2014.
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Eat To The Beat
This album was an early chance to see how pop music in the 80's would sound. And there's a direct line to be drawn from its standout track Atomic to 80's classic Blue Monday.
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Sonic Youth
1992   Review
Purist might prefer "Daydream Nation" but for those who like to hear a melody now and then this album is the better choice. But of course you could hear the hardcore community shouting "Sell out!".
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This Mortal Coil
It'll End In Tears
This album featured the Cocteau Twins at the peak of their powers. But, as this was a showcase for all artists of the 4ad label, they could not do all songs. That's why Big Star's haunting "Holocaust" got ruined.
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His 'N' Hers
1994   Review
Even more immediate and instantly likeable than their "Different Class" opus. Along with St. Etienne they embodied a renaissance for pure, perfect pop in the 90s.
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Antony And The Johnsons
I'm A Bird Now
At first it's the voice that overwhelms. You will not find anything remotely resembling this. That idiosyncratic outsiders like him still have a place in a cultural landscape of conformity and superficiality is a miracle.
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Probably the best Krautrock album of them all. Mostly a guitar and drum-based affair, the dynamics they create thereby are incredible.
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Love is Here
Their first EP was a great start and this, their first full length release was even better. Travis might have been more popular and Coldplay may have sold more records but they have nothing to match the quality of these songs here.
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1993   Review
Certainly on of the most underrated bands of all times. Subtle gothic undertones and some very childlike vocals add up to a record The Cure tried to make for decades but failed.
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Throwing Muses
The Real Ramona
Although it may contain two or three rougher songs as well, at the core this a real pop album. The band could have ended up as millionaires but sadly they split, thereby allowing much lesser talented bands like L7 and Hole to make all the money.