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Dog Man Star
1994   Review
While already falling apart at the seams they came up with this brooding and atmospheric album. The soundtrack for the Britpop hangover already finished before the party had even started.
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Silicon Teens
Music For Parties
To perform Golden Oldies from the 50s and 60s with first generation electronic equipment was a brilliant idea. The fact that the group didn't even exist was an additional bonus.
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Roxy Music
For Your Pleasure
This album signified the peak of the Ferry/Eno partnership. Lyrics that ranged from "swimming pool eyes" to inflatable dolls on top of sophisticated arrangements and marvelous tunes.
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The Flying Club Cup
A prodigy obviously able to play every instrument under the sun who makes great use of this ability by recreating folk music of countries he probably only knows from books. Without doubt one of the great hopes for the next decade.
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Pet Shop Boys
1993   Review
This album sounded rather anachronistic back then but now we know it is perfectly timeless. When they stopped releasing great singles in the mid 90s a vital part of pop music died.
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The White Stripes
White Blood Cells
A drumkit, a guitar and a voice. The simplicity in rock music, which seemed long forgotten finally back.
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Before they got big, successful, bland and meaningless. Sparse, quiet songs which stand on their own feet without overblown arrangements. Never marry a Hollywood star.
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Mazzy Star
So Tonight That I Might See
1993  Review
Even more in dept to the VU than heir first album it contains more guitar noise and feedback. Yet it's the quiet songs which stand out. That's where all those 'moon on lake' comparisons started.
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The Cure
Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me
No one will question The Cure's ability to record more or less perfect singles in the dozen. But although albums were not their strong point a very fine single album waits to be compiled from this 75 minute long double LP.
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The Polyphonic Spree
The Beginning Stages Of
Maybe not the most restrained band of all times. Instead more of a 'think positive' campaign transformed into music using the cast of a hippie musical and songs of euphoric joy.
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The Radio Dept.
Lesser Matters
Sweden always was a perfect breeding ground for pop music. And as Abba, Roxette and The Knife before them they had their unique approach. Very lo-fi but at the same time really heartfelt.
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Big Black
Imagine how good these songs could have sounded if they had used real drums and normal guitar sounds. At this point nobody would have guessed that 'produced by S. Albini' would become a trademark in the near future. Despite all those objections a real hardcore classic.
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Fuck Buttons
Tarot Sport
Comebacks often do not work out that well. Not so in this case where Andrew Weatherall, nearly two decades after the seminal Loaded, again utilised some desultory blokes to create a brilliantly composed piece of instrumental music.
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The Only Ones
Even Serpents Shine
This band didn't so much ride the New Wave as stand on the beach in the shade watching. Save in the knowledge that they had the best riffs and the most distinctive singer anyway.
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Chelsea Girl
OK, this may be a watered down version of the VU & Nico album but it's still better than most female singer/songwriters work. The most unique voice in music history struggles with songs provided by a varied mix of musicians including the VU crew of course.
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Simon & Garfunkel
Parsley, Sage, Rosemary And Thyme
An often overseen album in their cannon because of the lack of successful singles on it. In fact their most consistent work combining two voice harmonies with some of P.Simon best compositions.
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1995   Review
This Britpop triumph was heralded by three great singles and the inevitably resulting lawsuits. But interestingly nowadays the phrase 'sounds like Elastica' is used far more often than 'sounds like Wire/Stranglers/etc.'.
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Dexy's Midnight Runners
Searching For The Young Soul Rebels
Rarely has a band displayed such a range of styles in what was only a 3 album and 5 year career. This, their brass heavy soul album is their best.
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Definitely Maybe
1994   Review
Hearing 'Live Forever' for the first time on the radio back in the summer of 94 surely was a magic moment. This album even surpassed the great expectations which ensued. Obviously it could only go downhill from here.
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David Bowie
Hunky Dory
Maybe his most singer/songwriteresque album, a piano based affair with guitar riffs added at the right places, preceding the Glam-rock excesses to come.