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Record Sleeve
Leonard Cohen
Songs From A Room
His most accessible and poignant work, containing a set of short and simple structured songs. Obviously a brief period of relief before things got really dark.
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Arcade Fire
How a couple from the depth of Canada could come up with a sound this fully developed is still unclear. Sadly as most artists in the 00s they could not continue on this high level.
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Pubic Fruit
It might be a bit reckless to put all your best songs on your first EP. But Curve's next two EPs were not that bad either. All three of them are collected here.
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Schnipo Schranke
Totally against all current trends these two girls made completely their own thing. They took the better parts of the NDW and Die ─rzte and added fly on the wall observations of their lives.
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Depeche Mode
Their most consistent work although their best songs like "Stripped" and "Behind The Wheel" were featured on previous albums. Synthpop goes Rock'n'Roll.
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PJ Harvey
White Chalk
A really unexpected piece of work from an artist that although being known for her uncompromising and idiosyncratic method of work was not expected to go so far into a direction so unknown to her.
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The EP as an art form has long lost its significance. But to the genre wildly known as "Shoegazing" it was absolutely vital as many of those acts sadly didn't manage to come up with a proper album. But not so Chapterhouse.
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Mercury Rev
Yerself Is Steam
Beauty and chaos balanced on a knife edge. Just look at how that flute on the first track works itself through the guitar noise surrounding it to come out as the winner in the end. this certainly wasn't.
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Soap & Skin
Sadly this was not the long awaited proper sophomore album. But what we got instead was still well worth the wait. A varied mix of material containing one of the best German language songs ever and some hard-hitting other stuff as well.
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Big Star
The Third Album/Sister Lovers
Compiled from various recording sessions and finally released four years after its creation this is pop music at its most desperate and desolate. Which does not prevent it from offering some stunning tunes in-between.
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DJ Shadow
Endtroducing ...
1996   Review
This will be remembered for being the last record in the history of popular music for which adjectives such as ground-breaking and seminal could be used with justification. Innovate don't imitate as they said back then.
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Primal Scream
After a decade of trial and error they returned with this hell of a comeback. It showed all the dance/rock crossover acts of the nineties how this should be properly done.
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Arctic Monkeys
Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not
The Arctic Monkeys were the final opportunity for the British music press to over-hype a band. And boy did they use it. But don't let this put you off.
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Talk Talk
Laughing Stock
Maybe the first postrock record. Certainly a work of painstakingly planned improvisation. It will take you a while to get into it, but the patience will definitely pay off.
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Saint Etienne
Foxbase Alpha
Some relaxed beats, some fluffy samples and some dreamy vocals. This was conceived and put together with an expert eye for detail yet sounds completely effortless.
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The Sugarcubes
Life's Too Good
Bj÷rk's finest half hour, don't let them tell you otherwise. A colourful kaleidoscope of strange spoken word segments, weird trumpet solos, confusing lyrics and on top of it all that inimitable, childlike voice.
Record Sleeve
Mojave 3
Ask Me Tomorrow
1995   Review
This couldn't have been released at a more inappropriate time. Although made in England Britpop this certainly wasn't. And although being rather maudlin and introspective Trip Hop this wasn't either. Perfectly out of time so to say.
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In the mid-nineties Prince made in quick succession a funk, a psychedelic, a pop and a soul album. This is the pop one, featuring two of his best songs in "Kiss" and "Under A Cherry Moon".
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Johnny Cash
American III: Solitary Man
It's the singer not the song. This saying has rarely been more fitting than for this collection of (mainly) cover versions. And hey, Mr. Cash even manages to make a U2 song sound cool.
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Blick auf die Alpen
The remote valleys of Austria were the origin of this album, certainly one of the best albums in the not so singable German language. It contained bits of sarcasm mixed with precise observations on modern society.