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Record Sleeve
The Sundays
Reading, Writing And Arithmetics
Nearly everyone bought this one back then but nowadays hardly anyone still cares about it. Which is a shame because this impressionistic sound painting is still a joy to listen to.
Record Sleeve
Ladies And Gentlemen We Are Floating In Space
1997   Review
Taking in influences from genres as diverse as psychadelica, gospel, jazz and soul this is rock music at its most ambitious. "Play once, twice daily" the instruction said. Of course we overdosed.
Record Sleeve
Dinosaur Jr
You're Living All Over Me
This can be seen as the missing link between the hardcore music of the early 80s and the grunge explosion of the 90s. Slackers they might have been but more of the noisier variety.
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Big Star
Radio City
The dreariness of the musical landscape in the early seventies made one wonder why they bothered inventing Rock'n'Roll in the first place. But just listen to the opening chords of "September Gurls" and be reassured that there was still hope.
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Vauxhall And I
1994   Review
If this would have had a "last great Morrissey album until 2004" sticker on it we surely would have appreciated it more. For some Elvis is the greatest. For some it's Dylan. But they're all wrong.
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The Breeders
Last Splash
This was a bit overshadowed by the preceding Pixies split and the almighty "Cannonball" single. But if you give this a try it can be a joy from start to finish.
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Orange Juice
You Can't Hide Your Love Forever
Descriptions of this band usually contain adjectives like influential, ground-reaking or seminal. And if they don't, they certainly are incomplete.
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Simon & Garfunkel
Sounds Of Silence
Their later releases had better singular songs (Mrs. Robinson, The Boxer) but this one works better as a whole. And it sees Paul Simon peaking as a songwriter on the forever magnificent "Katy's Song".
Record Sleeve
Phillip Boa & The Voodoclub
Germany's best indie guitar band. Not that there is much of a competition. This album was maligned by the band because they allegedly were "still in training" back then but in fact they never bettered it. Includes excessive tribal drumming.
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David Bowie
The best of his electronic based Berlin trilogy. It's the instrumental half that astonishes. Brian Eno's contribution probably being greater than Bowie would admit.
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Gulag Orkestar
The trumpet as a lead instrument is hopelessly underappreciated in pop music. So thank God for Zach Condon and his dreamed up European journey.
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Red House Painters
Red House Painters
1993   Review
While some of the long songs on this 70min long double album might be a bit exhausting to listen to, the rest surely is as intense as possible. And all this wrapped up in one of the best artworks ever.
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The Shins
Chutes Too Narrow
The Shins started the C86 revival in the US that later brought us Pains Of Being ..., The Drums etc... Kurt Cobain surely would have loved their mixture of oddness and song-writing expertise.
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British Sea Power
Open Season
Maybe a bit too polished and smooth in some parts but such sparkling and melody-soaked guitar lines certainly have not been heard since the Roses mighty debut.
Record Sleeve
The Human League
Electronic music in the 90s may have had the newest technology at hand but that couldn't compensate the lack of inspiration. So this 80s artefact is still the unsurpassed king of synthetic pop.
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Aztec Camera
High Land, Hard Rain
It's a bit of tragedy if you reach your artistic peak as early as Roddy Frame who was only 19 when he put together this magical set of songs. Cause afterwards, of course, the only way was down for him.
Record Sleeve
Out Of Time
Not as focused and intense as most of their other work, this was R.E.M. at their most lush, dreamy and wordless. Of course the album was a bit overshadowed by "Losing My Religion", one of the most significant songs of the 90s.
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OK Computer
1997   Review
Sandwiched between their grunge mediocrity and their electronic indulgence phases they released this, a historic moment for guitar music in the 90s and beyond.
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Echo & The Bunnymen
A guitar centric album although the singer does his best to compete. Due to the short songs and the spikey riffs it has an urgency that their subsequent albums lacked.
Record Sleeve
As the title suggests a set of Christmas songs, some self-penned, some traditional. Anyone who owns this record will long for the first cold and snowy days, so he has a reason to listen to it again.