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Record Sleeve
Mercury Rev
Deserter's Songs
1998   Review
When at the end of the 90s the music scene was dominated by US Hip hop and Lo-fi acts, a band left over from the start of the decade resurfaced with a set of songs reaching far back into the history of American music for inspiration but all done in their own distinctive style.
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Beach House
Their much feted blockbuster indie album "Teen Dream" was so catchy you could hum its melodies after only looking at its booklet photos. This one was much more subtle and therefore much more long-lasting.
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The debate about him switching gender, name and instrumentation obscured the fact that this was a fascinating work of art. Exactly what we had expected from this artist.
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New Order
The usual mix of pop perfection and subtle complexity. Unfortunately this was their last innovative contribution to electronic music, a genre they helped to shape like few others.
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Just For A Day
The various bands of the shoegazing scene created some of the most fascinating pieces of music of the 90s. This one's an especially lovely example. Dive in and drown.
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Weyes Blood
Front Row Seat To Earth
Sometimes it is all about the voice. A voice that accompanies you through the songs, along the lyrics and beyond. Splendid.
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Soap & Skin
Lovetune For Vacuum
When Mozart lost his first place on the 'most talented piano-playing Austrian child prodigy' list to this girl everybody was a bit surprised. Even the young lady herself looked quite puzzled on the cover.
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The Auteurs
New Wave
1993   Review
If this album had been released two years later during the heyday of Britpop, then, well, it probably still wouldn't have been successful. It was just way too sophisticated and eccentric to appeal to the masses.
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David Bowie
Ziggy Stardust
At the beginning of the 70's Bowie was not only changing styles as usual, he was changing them pretty fast. So, how to buy Glam rock? A T-Rex best-of first, of course. Then this one.
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My Bloody Valentine
The giant expectations had always led to an initial disappointment. But we wouldn't want to live without this album, would we?
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Going Blank Again
1992   Review
Released during the height of the US Grunge invasion, this one got overlooked completely. Yet it makes most of the celebrated Britpop stuff released a few years later look pale and boring in comparison.
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Even Dando
Baby I'm Bored
From the depth of drug addiction came a very relaxed and laid-back set of songs. But his chaotic interviews at that time offered a glimpse into his troubled personal life.
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Galaxie 500
A charming debut but you wouldn't guess they'll follow this with a real classic just a year later. If only contemporary bands could work at this pace.
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The Breeders
Mountain Battles
Among the many unexpected great comebacks of the 00s (Kate Bush, Portishead) this was the must pleasurable. Those who expected some more cannonballs might have been disappointed but the rest appreciated what they got instead.
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PJ Harvey
Let England Shake
The dozen or so albums she made in her career displayed a wide range of styles and topics. This one maybe turned out a bit too sophisticated but listening to it makes you feel very intellectual.
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Trans Europe Express
The band that put Germany on the international music map. The sound that has been copied, sampled and imitated extensively. The genius of two musicians.
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Telstar Ponies
Voices From The New Music
1996   Review
A completely overlooked band that came up with their own interpretation of the post-rock concept. This, their second album, is at times meditatively quiet but also rocks in places.
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Lloyd Cole And The Commotions
In the years 1982/83 the album as an art form seemed close to extinction. This was after all prevented by the phenomenal rise of The Smiths. But this young man should also be applauded for his service in the war against the so-called New Music.
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Cocteau Twins
Reducing their instrumentation to an absolute minimum yielded surprisingly rich results. And what strange and colourful song titles they coined for their songs.
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Big Thief
U. F. O. F.
The death of the guitar band might be not that far away but as long as new bands like Big Thief pop up, the gravediggers will not be needed yet. However things might turn out, this album is definitely a modern classic.