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The Beatles
Rubber Soul
The Beatles were in essence a singles band (45 rpm that is) like T Rex and Madness later on. But contrary to those two bands they managed at least to release one very good album.
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Syd Barrett
The Madcap Laughs
The demo like quality of these recordings adds to the mystic of Syd's fractured song writing. When he left Pink Floyd, they were destined to become a rather boring prog-rock band for hi-fi enthusiasts.
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Simon & Garfunkel
A bit uneven and confusing this one but not as much as their multi-million selling album released two years later. However "America" and "Mrs Robinson" are without question eternal classics .
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Between albums about cars, trains and robots they made this collection of strange sounds and hidden melodies. Even in 100 years' time this will sound like the future.
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The Byrds
Turn, Turn, Turn
This was their last song-based work before they started experimenting. First with drugs, then with their music. Both with rather mixed results.
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The Good Will Out
1998   Review
Not a guilty pleasure but a real classic. This is the tragic case of a band that spawned a movement but lost the plot before the whole thing gathered momentum.
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Transient Random Noise Bursts With Announcements
1993  Review
The retro-futuristic albums of Stereolab were the sound of a future that never was. Monotony and melodies, Krautrock and old synthesizers. Crowned by one of the most fitting album titles ever.
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Bright Eyes
I'm wide awake, it's morning
A child prodigy which to this day has assembled a creative output vaster and more diverse than other achieve in a lifetime. This is his quiet folk album for which it seems he has saved his best compositions.
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My Bloody Valentine
Isn't Anything
The album that started the whole shoegazing scene. The basic idea of a guitar wall of sound with some unintelligible vocals mixed underneath has been copied extensively. Three years later they returned to complete their mission.
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Roxy Music
Roxy Music
The first really great album by a British band. Effortlessly cool and ridiculously hedonistic. And the (belated) inclusion of maybe the best debut single ever rounds this off perfectly.
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Six By Seven
The Closer You Get
The record Radiohead should have made after 'OK Computer'. How a bunch of no-hopers could come up with something this elaborate and polished is still a mystery.
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The White Birch
1994   Review
One accord. Silence. Another accord. More silence. Yet another accord. Music in slow motion. Little did they know that this type of music would be labelled "Slowcore" later on.
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Cocteau Twins
Blue Bell Knolls
Clouds of sound floating through the air beautifully. And on top some vocals which have once famously been described as the "voice of god". And rightfully so.
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Soft Cell
Non-Stop Erotic Cabaret
This brought a certain party vibe to the otherwise slightly austere synthpop scene. And what a strange and kinky party that was.
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The Only Ones
The Only Ones
They could have been heroes if they had come from New York. But making New Wave music in England at the end of the 70s wasn't such a good idea. However, the singer - what a voice.
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The Sisters Of Mercy
Too bombastically produced to go as classic Goth but still gloomy enough. This album saw the dark side flirting with the mainstream. We're still waiting for that fourth LP though.
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Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
The Boatman's Call
1997   Review
After nearly twenty years in the business this is his first throughout quiet and calm album. Whatever caused him to mellow down is unclear but who cares if the result is as pleasing as this.
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The Strokes
Is This It
A record that at this point in rock music nobody expected. A greatest hits condensation of New York rock history so dense there's hardly a second superfluous.
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The Langley Schools Music Project
Innocence & Despair
A bunch of schoolkids singing songs by the Beach Boys, Bowie and other 60s and 70s artists. Particularly fascinating is how they grasp the essence of these songs without being fully able to understand the meaning of the lyrics.
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Surfer Rosa
1988 was the year that punk broke irrevocably. And partly due to this half hour of pop & noise that saw the Pixies sound reduced to its barest essentials.